Always leave time for duty free...

I've recently come back from the USA and I have plenty of goodies to share.

The first and last stop I always make on an overseas trip (to the great displeasure of my boyfriend) is the cosmetics section of duty free, and let me tell you, there were plenty of pickings this time around!


On the way out of Australia we went through Sydney airport. Immigration was unusually quiet (Sydney immigration is notorious for its long, slow queues) so we had plenty of time for duty free and gosh did I have fun playing.


I was quite fond of the Dior goodies so I picked some up. Dior is quite reasonably priced compared to some of the other brands at Sydney duty free and there were some limited edition products I knew I wanted to get.

I wasn't able to show much self restraint as you can see....


The best thing about duty free shopping is that you can pick up bits and pieces that are travel exclusives, I picked up this Dior Cannage travel palette which is only available at airports,


The colours in this palette are super pigmented and creamy, just like a regular Dior shadows. There is a decent amount of product in each pan, which is great value and the colours are perfect for travel as there are plenty of neutrals and 'suit all' shades. Its really a mixture of colours to create any kind of look, from a natural eye to a colourful smokey.


I had also been hunting for the limited edition Dior blonde bronzer, I had originally planned to get it while I was on holiday, but a few days before we left the Sephora website no longer had it in stock so when I saw it at duty free I grabbed it just incase and lucky I did because I couldn't find it anywhere afterwards.


Its such a gorgeous bronzer for paler skins, its not orange or muddy brown, its just a nice tan with a subtle hint of pink which makes you look freshly sunkissed. I desperately needed this after a couple of days in the LA sun because my foundation wasn't suiting me much anymore.


There have been a couple of Dior classic products that have been hyped up on YouTube that I couldn't pass on while I was there too.

Dior Amber Diamond highlighting powder is one of them,


I can't keep track of the amount of people who have called this 'the best highlighter' and they aren't wrong. The consistency is like silk and feels like a cream, but it has the longevity of a powder, I love highlighters and this one is a very welcome addition!

And to top it all off, of course I needed the Dior lip glow,


The lip glow is marketed as a colour changing balm, but its different from all the others on the market. I usually end up with a bright fuchsia lip when I use these kinds of products, but this gives a nice natural tint, livens up your lips, moisturises and adds just enough gloss. Perfect handbag product.


We flew out of LAX to get back to Australia and I have to say the duty free shopping there is pretty abysmal for such a major airport. Its one tiny little store with a smattering of cosmetics, a few fragrances and a couple of designer brands.


I ended up picking up some Chanel goodies to go with my 'Santa Monica tan' and I was [<--thiiiiis-->] close to getting a Burberry bag but passed because I've had my eye on an Alexander Wang for a while (look out for the post soon).


I love the Chanel rouge coco shine lipsticks and have a couple of shades but had never picked up 'Boy' for some unknown reason, until now,


I can see why so many people like it, its a quick and easy solution, a 'your lips but better' kind of colour. Love it, easy for on the run.

I also grabbed some face products as well, Chanel do some really amazing bases.

The Le Blanc De Chanel and Vitalumiere Aqua were my picks. The Blanc de Chanel is a great primer, smooth and illuminating without any glitter, it fills in pores and gets rid of any dry spots before foundation, it also increases the longevity of foundation, all while making your face seem that little bit brighter.

The Vitalumiere Aqua is also fast becoming my new favourite foundation. I'd used it before but the colour I was is now too pale, so I picked up the B20 to match my face again. Its nice and lightweight, gives a great coverage, makes your skin look so smooth but doesn't look (or feel) like a giant layer of sludge on your face.


Pretty happy with the duty free selection this time around!




Cara xx


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