Off to the markets

This weekend in Sydney it was one of those rare winter days where the weather was BEAUTIFUL, low 20’s (Celsius) not too hot, not too cold. I was hanging out with my cousins and boyfriend for the weekend so we decided to partake in some Sydney fun.

One of my favourite activities in Sydney is catching the train to the city and heading to Paddy’s markets, followed by a trip on the Manly ferry for hotdogs and ice cream near the beach.

At Paddy’s there’s a small Asian beauty store, stocking pretty much everything, from face massagers to bb cream and skincare.

And of course I ‘needed’ something!

First off I got a new BB cream.

I have been using the skin 79 hot pink one for a while now and love it, but I could do with a bit more coverage on the odd occasion (dull skin days) so I picked up the oriental gold plus bb cream also by skin 79.

This one comes with a cheek tint as well as the cream and offers more coverage and lighter colour.

I also picked up some ‘my beauty diary’ sheet masks. Black pearl has got to be my favourite because it just seems to lift my skin so I restocked.

The others I ended up getting are Mixed Berry (yet to try, but I’ll let you know), Aloe Vera (super soothing), Apple Polyphenol (apparently really exfoliating and deep pore cleaning, again, yet to try). I also got a t-zone pore mask by Lepoze which you rub off rather than wash off.

After a look around the markets (which is code for only looking at the beauty stores) we headed over to Circular Quay for the ferry. The hotdogs you get at the onboard café are quite possibly the best snack food ever! They are the reason I like catching the ferry so much (which makes me guilty to say)… that and the view.

Great right?

One of the best parts of Manly is the fact it has one of my favourite ice cream shops…

Ben and Jerry’s!
Choc chip cookie dough is probably my favourite but New York super fudge has got to be a close second… My boyfriend introduced it to me this trip and I’ll curse him for it forever because of its sugary goodness!
With ice cream in hand we headed across the road to the beach…

Manly beach always looks so clean!

We spent a bit of time in Manly but my cousins kids were starting to get a bit tuckered out so we headed home… but not before taking a very posey outfit of the day photo for you, waiting at Circular Quay station, very classy!

Wearing a sparkly top from express, Dr Denim jeans, Windsor Smith boots, Dotti cardigan, Coach handbag and Tiffany’s jewellery… Very beach appropriate don’t you think?

All in all a pretty amazing day with amazing people…

I even had the obligatory nap on the train ride home.


Cara xx


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