Something New

Three weeks ago I made the move up to Sydney for my University internship and it has been busy ever since. Needless to say I apologise for the lack of videos, but the only spare time I’ve had has been the 1 hour train ride between the house and work each morning (I'm pretty much dead by the ride home... admittedly I have caught the wrong train before), not exactly prime video filming time for a ‘sane’ person, but it is prime blogging time.

This past week my boy came to visit and gosh I've missed him. He’s one of those people who makes everyone happy, which is pretty awesome if you ask me haha!

Over the week he was here I had to work weekdays which was lame, to say the least, but he always knows how to cheer me up. I arrived home from work one day greeted by this...

I am one lucky girl!

And inside the bag I found this… Queue ridiculously happy photo booth pose photo.

Laura Mercier Almond and Coconut Milk hand crème and the Lip Silk.

When he was here last we had been walking through Myer in Sydney city and I informed him that everyone needs a bit of Laura in their life, Laura Mercier that is, as I tested one of her hand creams. I was just a little devastated to find it was out of stock when I went to purchase it.

Possibly the most thoughtful gift I've ever received!

The hand creme is almond and coconut milk and smells just like it. It has a nutty/coconut undertone but has the sweetness of almonds at the top. I love it! The consistency isn’t too thick or watery, so it doesn’t leave your hands greasy but a little still goes a long way.

The lip silk is possibly one of the best lip treatments I’ve tried, I’m fairly certain my boy is aware I’m on the hunt for some kind of miracle lip balm because I have some of the worst cracked flaky lips during winter! I still love my Sara Happ lip slip but I’m not too fond of the fact I have to dip my fingers in the pot. We are blessed this treatment comes in a squeeze tube!

So that is the first of many blog ramblings to come!


Cara xx


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