The start of a beautiful friendship

Recently I've been looking for a nail colour that will be both work appropriate but still visually interesting and just a little bit girly. In my line of work my nails take a hammering and my hands get quite dry so I need something that will also wear well without chipping.

Enter CND shellac in a combination of romantique topped with zillionaire!

The combination is a mix of semi sheer pale pink goodness topped with a pretty, subtle flakey glitter, which was surprisingly difficult to photograph.
These photos were taken after a week of wear and as you can see it was still shiny with almost no wear and tear. This particular manicure lasted about 2 weeks before 2 or 3 of my nails started to peel back at the tips (mostly on my thumbs and pointer fingers).

When it comes to removal, CND says it is completely non damaging, which is something I'd have to disagree with slightly for two reasons:

1. If you're anything like me, you'll feel a compulsive urge to rip the shellac off the nails that start to peel at the tips, which happens to take the top layer of your nails with it...

2. The alternative is soaking the polish off using acetone on a cotton pad type removal contraption, and although it doesn't take as much filing and soaking as regular gel nails applying acetone to your nails does dehydrate the nailbed and cause brittleness.

Although there are downsides to shellac, the resistance and wear time have made it my new best nail friend!


  1. you have such lovely shaped nails!

    Miss you so much on YT!

    1. Thank you! Stay tuned, I'll be doing a bit more blogging and slowly get myself back into videos! It's been a busy past year haha!