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Hi all!

So I recently purchased the GHD creative curl wand and I have to say it's love!

My old curling wand did me well over the course of about 5 years, but recently blew a fuse and didn't seem to heat up as hot as it used to. I had noticed the reviews popping up for the new GHD curlers and since I've always used their straightening irons, I decided I couldn't go wrong picking one up.

I have quite frizzy, difficult hair (as you can see below) which means I have to curl or straighten it every time I wash it. I have found the 185 degree heat that GHD use across their product range is hot enough to get a long lasting curl, but not too hot, so the hair sets to a shiney, smooth finish. I also found that the slightly matte finish of the wand doesn't radiate heat and make my fingers feel uncomfortable in proximity to the barrel which is nice.

From the four curlers GHD released I knew I wanted a wand that had no clip, so I narrowed it down to  the classic wave wand and the creative curl wand, I eventually went for the latter. I chose the creative curl overall because of the size, 28-23mm, I felt that the other wand which is 38mm, would create curls that are too large for my hair length and for what I wanted to achieve. I like curls that are a little tighter so I can get a couple of extra days of wear from them, as I don't like to wash my hair everyday as I feel it dries it out too much.
Generally I haven't liked conical wands in the past (which is essentially what this is) but because the wand has such a small difference in the large and small part of the barrel I thought this might give a nice tapered curl towards the end.
As you are able to see in the picture below, the barrel on this wand starts out as round at the top and tapers down into a smaller oval shape. This helps to create nice soft waves around the face, which become tighter, bouncier curls with a slight taper to them which is a really nice look. The below picture is also an indicator of the final result I'm able to achieve with the wand.

There are some other pretty great features to the creative curl. It heats up ultra fast, like within 20 seconds fast, it has a small stand in order to keep the barrel from touching and damaging surfaces, it has a cool tip on the end which I have found very handy as my old wand didn't and I found myself having to contort my wrists and arms just to be sure I wouldn't burn my face, and it has a 30 minute auto shutoff for the super forgetful (like me). I also found the 'salon length' cord with the swivel tip handy, because my power point is away from my mirror, so it makes it much easier to manoeuvre with a longer cord that swivels to suit each side of my head.

If it would like to see an overview of my thoughts on the holiday packaging, my first impressions and a tutorial on how to acheive the above look, take a look at my video:

Talk soon,

Cara xx


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